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I’m tired… but not too tired to stand up against racism! When I see it, I’m going to post about it!!!

New Video Surfaces of Fairfield, Ohio Police Viciously Handling a Black Family at a Public Pool

Thank you  Link Courtesy of The Great Black Family/Love for the link!!!


The World Of nOvaDose…. Pre-Birthday at The “Yard Party”

Happy Birthday to nOvaDose
Yes Thanksgiving Day is my birthday…. and what a way to “Novabrate”….

The World of nOvaDose will be blogging live at the last Yard party of 2014….

The best way to bring in my 42nd!

I will be in the house blogging live at my very 1st Yard Party… If you can come out and show me some love on my birthday and party with 2 awesome bands!

2 weeks ago, for the first time in 24 years, I had the pleasure of checking out The Junkyard Band at Maxwell’s in Manassas.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan for at least 30 years. I’ve purchased PA tapes and CD’s but it’s been that long since I was in the presence of the mighty, mighty Junk!  The sound of Junkyard, I mean they always cranked…and when I say every part of the band was on point.. I mean EVERY part. They did their thing! It was so nice I said I’m going to do it twice….

11/26 Pre Thanksgiving Yard Party!

11/26 Pre Thanksgiving Yard Party!

Junkyard, their sound is timeless, for me it never gets old, ever! I look forward to hearing the classics in addition to their covers. I’m looking forward to hearing Buggs (I’ve followed his voice for at least 3 decades) so to reconnect with the person…I’m in my own heaven..and only true GoGo fans would know what I’m talking about!

Backyard, I was introduced to them in 1995 by way a PA tape in my car…and the rest is history! I can’t wait to hear “Big G’s” voice live! I’m so excited I’m going to hush so I don’t pluck people’s nerves about it.

nOvaDose d-_-b

Sign Me Up For Rehab….I’m Addicted To….


Oh let me guess…you thought I was going to say Candy Crush! Absolutely not, but my addiction to curlBOX is on the same level!

Last year I signed for my very first Subscription Box from curlBOX! Thank you KIZZY MURRAY for sparking my interest with your post about getting your box… I had to have one and I’m glad I do!

WHAT IS IT: curlBOX an affordable, Exclusive and effortless way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand-selected curly/natural hair products delivered to your doorstep every month.
curlBOX sends me 5-7 quality hair product samples for about $20 per month. ( plus $5 shipping)

WHAT’S IN MY BOX : I’ve received everything from detangling combs, boar bristle brushes, to conditioners, masks and hair color  from various brands. This is what I received in my curlBox for September 2013


FULL SIZE containers of Cleansing CO-WASH, ECO Style Shine Gel, Clairol Moisturizing Semi-Permanent Hair Color, and sample size packets of hair masks, conditioners and moisturizers. It also comes with a mini mag that gives tips and examples of how curlBox uses the products.


Sign up  and around the 14th of each month (give or take a few days) a little brown box will appear on your doorstep. Finding out what’s best for your hair couldn’t be any easier. curlBox has curated incredible boxes and located some of the best products that they KNOW you’re going to love!

TO GET YOUR OWN BOX – yes there are steps but they are so worth it!

  1. Follow this link to get your curlBox Subscription  and if you see that they are sold out…
  2. Follow this link to get on the  CURLBOX WAITING LIST (if all subscriptions are sold out for the month)
  3. Once on the wait list, go to their curlBox on Facebook page and click “LIKE” their page…doing this will ensure you get the updates when they announce that they are taking subscriptions.
  4. When you get the notice on FB telling you they will be accepting subscriptions you must act fast because they only have a limited amount and always sell out fast  (mine notice said was for a Tuesday at 8pm)
  5. PLEASE BE PATIENT…at the designated time it seems like everyone will flock to curlBox website to sign up. Sometimes  you could get an error message or the site running really slow. Not to worry just take your time and follow the instructions! You’ll receive an email with your invoice!
  6. If you have further questions please check their FAQS

I hope you enjoy your curlBox as much as I do…I’m looking forward to finding other things I can subscribe to! I’ll keep you updated. Please feel free to post pictures of your hairstyles using curlBox products!

nOvaDose d-_-b

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