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The World Of nOvaDose…. Pre-Birthday at The “Yard Party”

Happy Birthday to nOvaDose
Yes Thanksgiving Day is my birthday…. and what a way to “Novabrate”….

The World of nOvaDose will be blogging live at the last Yard party of 2014….

The best way to bring in my 42nd!

I will be in the house blogging live at my very 1st Yard Party… If you can come out and show me some love on my birthday and party with 2 awesome bands!

2 weeks ago, for the first time in 24 years, I had the pleasure of checking out The Junkyard Band at Maxwell’s in Manassas.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan for at least 30 years. I’ve purchased PA tapes and CD’s but it’s been that long since I was in the presence of the mighty, mighty Junk!  The sound of Junkyard, I mean they always cranked…and when I say every part of the band was on point.. I mean EVERY part. They did their thing! It was so nice I said I’m going to do it twice….

11/26 Pre Thanksgiving Yard Party!

11/26 Pre Thanksgiving Yard Party!

Junkyard, their sound is timeless, for me it never gets old, ever! I look forward to hearing the classics in addition to their covers. I’m looking forward to hearing Buggs (I’ve followed his voice for at least 3 decades) so to reconnect with the person…I’m in my own heaven..and only true GoGo fans would know what I’m talking about!

Backyard, I was introduced to them in 1995 by way a PA tape in my car…and the rest is history! I can’t wait to hear “Big G’s” voice live! I’m so excited I’m going to hush so I don’t pluck people’s nerves about it.

nOvaDose d-_-b


The Bridge- Chasing a Dream…Our 1st Journey Concert!


Bridging my music to my daughter:
I only ever wanted them to just listen! Surely I thought they’d be instant fans. Especially once they heard the greatness I bestowed on their ears. My children have an appreciation for all types of music but my daughter has a place in her heart for the music I love. We experienced our 1st Journey concert together. It was AWESOME! Here’s the Highlights!


Me and Christeia, at our 1st Journey concert

Just the 4 of us….we even tailgated a little bit!


For my niece Miriam, This was her 1st concert EVER! She is a huge Journey fan, and had an awesome time! Her favorite song is #Lights but she missed it when she decided against my advice to run to the restroom! Lol


Mims singing “Open Arms”


More people stopping by to say hi and take pictures (did we stick out? Lol)


The drummer sounds like Steve Perry when he sings! I think it’s safe to say Journey has secured their “sound”


We met Jon, one of the many concert goers who decided to stop and introduce themselves to us.


Mother and Daughter “Bridging” it was her 1st concert….


Me and Emma…waiting for Steve Miller set to begin!


Christeia …her facial expression #priceless


Steve Miller set


Singing “The Joker”


Tron bike we saw after the show


More of Steve Miller’s set


The highlight of my evening is when Journey came back for an encore and sang Lovin, touching, squeezing! The icing on the cake was singing with my niece and daughter as we walked back to the car. To have strangers join in and sing and then stop to listen to us…because we sang the hell out of #lights, #lovin, and #seperateways lol 🙂

I have more photos and video of out very 1st bridge!  Please stay tuned 🙂


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