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Prayer is my Homeland Security!

Local /National Law Enforcement


Right now I’m not feeling as secure in my own back yard as I did 12 years ago.

Thank God (yes I said THANK GOD) I still have the option to pray when I am fearful, when I am in doubt, when my heart needs answers, or when I am just plain old scared! Prayer has brought me through some of the darkest and happiest times of my life.

Today’s shootings left 12 dead…it happened basically right in my back yard! This could have been at MY job or at a place where my children and loved ones frequent!

I’m praying for myself today …for the understanding and patience! I’m so confused on why when someone has a problem they hurt innocent people. I’m not saying to hurt people but why are they hurting someone who has nothing to do with why they are mad?

I’m sending a prayer out to the following…

  • The Victims that were shot and have since died I pray you didn’t have the fear that one would have when they know they’re going to die. I pray you didn’t have to suffer.
  • The Victims families- I pray for your strength and comfort through this difficult time
  • The Survivors– there is nothing more tragic than surviving something as horrific as this so I pray for their comfort, so they can feel secure enough to begin healing and eventually go back to work.
  • The Medical Personnel– I pray for your continued strength and courage… all of your years of training probably never mentally prepared you for taking care of people injured in such a ruthless manner.
  • Law Enforcement- I pray for your continued courage to leave your loved ones to protect ours…it seems as if the same areas keep getting hit…your response was swift, and although 12 people lost their lives today it could have been sooooooooo many more added to that total. Thank you for being brave in the face of danger
  • The Offender(s)– I pray that the Lord have mercy on you…I pray you didn’t make them beg for their lives only to kill them anyway. I pray your loved ones can move on past this horrific event. I pray that you don’t have children who have to walk around the rest of their lives knowing that one of their parents was responsible for this tragic mess.

Knee-Mail….the quickest line of communication to my God!
^^(thank you Kamesha Haley..I got that from you)

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