If it’s new…I want to try it! If it’s old…why didn’t I know about this sooner?  If it’s wack..Oh No.. mmmmaybe next time! Can I bridge a gap between the musical generations?  If it can be done, you know I’m going to try it. The World of nOvaDose will allow you to come along on this fantastic voyage I call my life!

  • The World of nOvaDose d-_-b– neat things I discover on an everyday basis that is worthy of sharing
  • Instant Classics- Why I ♥ it!  What is your definition of an Instant Classic? My definition is things that make me say WOW!!! Things I’m glad I have NOW…things I add to my collection of stuff I ♥ and you can’t have them… no way no HOW!!! If it’s absolutely awesome…I’m going to let you know! But guess what??? There are 3 sides to Instant Classics…theirs, mine and yours!!! So with every Instant Classic that I find…I’ll tell you what the intended purpose of the product is from the retailer, I’ll give you my pros & cons of the product…and then I will let YOU weigh in if you’ve tried it! Hoping to eventually have some tried and true Instant Classics for people to refer to when they want to try new products!
  • The Bridge- The adventures of a Mom and her children experiencing the world of music together! Want me to come check out your music? Use the contact form to let me know when and where you will be showcasing your talents! Me and my crew will stop through to listen, post live pictures  and provide valuable feedback about your music!
  • The Oh No Files-   Products, experiences and situations that just don’t make the cut!
    • #OnoUdidn’t : ok let me take a closer look..let me stop judging before I try it!
    • #mmmaybeNEXTtime : maybe it would be better next time if I tried it like this…
    • #absolutelyNOT : I don’t need another shot at this…my mind is made up and you definitely did not make the cut!

    This is based on MY opinion of the products, experiences and situations that I feel don’t make the cut!

nOvaDose d-_-b


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